Aims of Lymphoedema Treatment:

  • Prevent progression of the condition
  • Reduce oedema and maintain the improvement
  • Alleviate associated symptoms
  • Prevent infection
  • Improve function and quality of life
  • Early intervention is recommended.

Available Treatments:

  • Complex Lymphoedema Therapy (CLT) is the recommended method, involving:
    • Education
    • Skin care
    • Exercise
    • Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)
    • Compression therapy
  • Treatment is individualised, with not all components necessary for every case.
  • Phase I includes:
    • Skin care
    • MLD
    • Compression bandaging
    • Exercises
    • Psychosocial support
    • Compression garment prescription
  • Phase II is a home maintenance program focusing on self-management.

Importance of Compression:

  • Compression garments are crucial in lymphoedema treatment.
  • They apply medically appropriate pressure to reduce fluid pooling, preserve limb size and shape, and support lymphatic circulation.
  • Graduated compression garments come in various styles, sizes, colours, and compression grades (class 1-IV).
  • Lymphoedema therapists can recommend suitable garments, including pre-sized or custom-made options.
  • Garments are typically worn during the day and need regular replacement.
  • Some individuals with mild lymphoedema may not require compression garments.