World Cancer Day

🌟 Today, on #WorldCancerDay, let’s shine a light on an often overlooked aspect of cancer treatment: lymphoedema. For men battling #melanoma or #prostate cancer, the journey doesn’t always end after treatment. Lymphoedema, a chronic condition characterised by swelling due to a compromised lymphatic system, can persist, impacting daily life.

But there’s hope and help available! Meet @renshawtrent, our ALA accredited lymphoedema practitioner, specialising in abdomen, genital, and lower limb oedemas. Trent is dedicated to supporting men through assessment and management of chronic oedemas, offering expertise in manual lymphatic drainage, compression bandaging, and prescribing compression garments.

With Trent’s guidance, decongestive exercises become tailored solutions, empowering individuals to reclaim comfort and mobility. Let’s spread awareness and support those navigating the complexities of cancer survivorship. Together, we can make a difference. 💙

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